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I am Aodh, an Irish ex-pat who has been living here in Thailand for 30 years with my Thai partner. We write all the stuff on Thaiscapes.

We always thought how many great websites there are to help visitors (and ex-pats) to this beautiful and fascinating country. But, most of them are only telling you about much the same things; the main tourist places.

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We know that Thailand has a huge amount more to offer and that’s what we try to bring to you. The lesser known and often quirky out of the way places that you might never know about otherwise.

Every single province (and even Bangkok) has something different, quirky, surreal, unusual, scary, or just plain fun, to see.

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It will never be possible for us to bring all of that that to you, but we will be adding some fascinating new places every couple of weeks or so.

We will also bring you occasional honest reviews of cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc, that we think you might like to pop into (or avoid!) during your wanderings.

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This website is a constant work in progress so please take a look around and enjoy what you see. Even better, get out there and take a look for yourselves!

We always welcome your polite comments, and suggestions. There is a comment box on the bottom of most pages and a ‘Contact Us’ link on the navigation menus.

And you can rate our articles too!

If you’d like to hear when we update an article or add new stuff, we have a simple subscription form on the right hand side, and also at the bottom of each page.

We hope you’ll enjoy Thaiscapes!

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