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Erawan Museum


Erawan Museum

Unlike Any Museum You’ve Ever Seen
In Samut Prakarn just south of Bangkok is the utterly amazing Erawan Museum, and it’s unlike any museum you’ve ever seen.

Even if you’re not into museums this place is a must see for its stunning interiors which are inside the gigantic Erawan (three headed elephant) standing on a 15 meter high pedestal.

The Erawan statue is made of bronze, weighs 250 tons, is 29 metres high, and is 39 metres long. It can be seen for miles around.

The 1st floor represents the underworld and holds a valuable collection of Chinese artifacts from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

There is also a display of photos about the museum’s construction.

The 2nd floor represents the earth with a display of precious antiques and arts, including ceramics and European pottery.

The hall features a statue of the Chinese godess Guan Yin.

The 3rd floor is in the belly of the Erawan and reveals the Travatimsa Heaven, which is located on top of Mount Meru in Buddhist cosmology.

Relics of the Lord Buddha and antique Buddha statues from several eras of Thai history are displayed in this gallery.

The walls are adorned with stunningly beautiful frescos depicting the cosmos.

The outside gardens are also well worth exploring but there is a small extra charge.

The somewhat psychedelic Erawan museum was conceived by the late eccentric billionaire Lek Viriyapant to house his huge and valuable collection of artifacts, and took almost 10 years to complete.

The same eccentric personality also put together the one of a kind Ancient Siam open air museum nearby, as well as the amazing wooden ‘Sanctuary of Truth’ in Pattaya.

To get there take the BTS Sukhumvit line to Chang Erawan station, from there its about 10 minute walk.

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