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Wat Don Yai


Wat Don Yai

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This stunning Royal temple is hidden away amongst the rice fields in a rural part of Lamlukka district in Pathum Thani province, just northeast of Bangkok.

The temple’s newly completed silver Viharn sits on a giant lotus flower, and literally glitters in the sun over the surrounding area.

To create this effect, craftsmen have covered it with several layers of silver paint, while adding small pieces of mirrors to give it its shining appearance.

At night the Viharn is even more beautiful as subtle lighting delivers a very special effect.

The temple compound at Wat Don Yai opened in 1996, while the silver Viharn bearing the Royal Crest was completed in 2016.

There is a shrine dedicated to the revered hero monarchs King Naresuan the Great, and King Taksin the Great in an adjoining hall.

The temple attracts pilgrims and worshippers from a wide area but it is a peaceful and serene place to relax.

Visitors are always welcome and there are no admission fees, although adding a small sum to one of the collection boxes helps pay for the upkeep of the temple.

Wat Don Yai is in Klong 8 Road, Lamlukka district of Pathum Thani province.

You can use Google maps to find it.

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