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De Facto Cafe and Eatery

(16 April 2019)
De Facto is a pleasant canal side property with a single storey indoor restaurant and a decent sized garden eatery.


We have visited several times (although not often) over the last 3 years.

There is often gentle live music in the evening in the garden, which is a popular spot for romantic proposals and wedding receptions.

The garden is usually open for drinks and casual dining in the evenings and on weekends.

The indoor restaurant is decorated entirely in white, but the stark colour is softened by the greenery of hanging plants which fold down from the ceiling.

The overall effect is quite relaxing and delightful.

There are two dining areas; one with tables of four chairs each, lined alongside the huge floor to ceiling windows which have a clear garden view, and a more casual and communal long table with high stools.

There is a second single storey bar type building alongside the garden. During our visit it was undergoing some maintenance and was not in use.

De Facto is very relaxed and informal but usually serves excellent food, which is a kind of tasty Thai fusion style, with a few western dishes.

Wine, cocktails, spirits, and beers are available.

Our Experience

We arrived at De Facto a bit after 1pm and it was a little busy already being a public holiday.

Despite that we found a table for the three of us and the server quickly handed us both food and drink menus.

We were left to make our selections in our own time, but the server was on hand to take our order when we were ready.

There were enough staff working to ensure service was fairly prompt.

Service was good and each dish was served as soon as it had been cooked, in the normal Thai style.

We ordered two smoothies and Iced Thai Tea; the third drink took a while to arrive, maybe because they were fairly busy, but they were all quite delicious.

There is an extensive menu of traditional and fusion Thai food. A few western style dishes such as steak etc are listed near the end of the menu. (The photos only show two pages from about eight pages).

A range of alcoholic drinks can be ordered, including a selection of interesting cocktails at 200 baht each.

We ordered Satay with coconut sauce as a starter, followed by chilli Pork Fried Rice, Prik E Noo, Mussaman Gai with noodles, and roasted Pork ribs which were served with a small portion of fries and veggies.

Everyone agreed that the food was good with comments such as ‘delicious’ and ‘tasty’ proving it. We were left alone to eat but there was always a server at hand if we wanted something.

Desserts were on display in a cool cabinet and our choices were brought to our table.

Two of us selected the Fruit Shortcake decorated with chunks of fresh fruit. The cake was as mouthwatering as the rest of the meal.

After we had finished our meal, we were able to relax and chat without being disturbed.

When we asked for the bill there was no long wait that is common in many other places. A modest 1370 baht including VAT was excellent value.


De Facto consistently maintains high standards of service and cuisine, so if you’re in the Rangsit area of Pathumthai it’s really well worth the short detour into Klong 3 off Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road, just a short distance from Future Park.

The Little Negative

Our one complaint is that it was a very hot day with temperatures around 35c. The huge windows had blinds which  closed easily, but the fairly big room had only two wall air conditioners fitted at one end, but none elsewhere.

The pretty hanging plants blocked some of the cooling effect of the a/c units and it did get quite warm where we were sitting at the far end of the restaurant.

A portable a/c unit was running next to our table (pointing at diners who had arrived before us) which had little cooling effect on the open plan design of the restaurant.

We’d recommend that De Facto fits at least one more unit on the wall above the entrance to keep their customers comfortable.


We have no connection of any kind with De Facto, its staff or management. They were not aware that we were going to write this review.

How To Find Them

De Facto Cafe and Eatery
5/59 Liab Klong 3 Road (off Rangsit Nakhon Nayok Road)
Bungyeetho subdistrict
Thanyaburi district
Phone: 02 162 4562
Open 10am-11pm every day.

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