Unlikely Pathum Thani

Unlikely Pathum Thani

Unlikely Pathum Thani

Unlikely Pathum Thani is a strange heading, but what you can find in this semi-industrial province right next to Bangkok does seem unlikely.

A couple of places in Pathum Thani that we covered in earlier articles are Thai Wake Park and the Royal temple of Wat Don Yai

Supreme Artist Hall

unlikely pathum thani

The Supreme Artist Hall is a beautiful Thai style building dedicated to the artistic and musical achievements of the late King Rama 9.

The late King was a prolific photographer who documented both his official and family life through the lens of his camera, and was also a talented painter, innovator, and musician.

Getting there: It’s in Klong 5 Road, Klong Luang district, Pathum Thani.


Passenger vans and taxis run from outside Future Park Rangsit, north of Don Muang airport, which is easily accessible from Bangkok

Wat Phra Dhammakaya

(promotional video produced by the temple)

This elaborate and controversial monastic center claims a culture of merit making by way of good deeds and meditation, as well as an ethical outlook on life.

(News report by Wall Street Journal)

In early times, the temple emphasized mostly the teaching of meditation, then later the emphasis changed to fundraising.

The temple operates a satellite TV station and a distance-learning university.

The large complex features Buddhist designs in an ultra modern style.

The temple states an aim to become a global spiritual center to achieve “World Peace through Inner Peace”, and has followers around the world.

The Thai authorities have in the past accused senior members of corruption and fraud, and one attempt by the police and military to arrest the temple abbot led to a short siege which ultimately seemed to have failed.

We will let you make your own decisions about this impressive center.

Their website is at https://www.dhammakaya.net/

Getting There: Wat Phra Dhammakaya is in Klong 3, Klong Luang district, Pathum Thani province on Highway 3214 about 20km north of Don Muang airport.

Of course Google maps will help you get there.

Dream World

(Video courtesy daytriptour.com)

Dream World is a Disney-style amusement park, but without the panache of Disney.

It’s a fun place for both kids and adults, but do bear in mind that in common with many other attractions they charge higher admission fees for foreigners than for locals.

The park has four themed zones. Dream World Plaza features shops and cafes; Dream Garden is a green area by a lake, and includes a cable car; Fantasy Land is inspired by fairy tales; while Adventure Land is the main attraction with all the rides and thrills you’d expect at a Theme Park.

Snow Town is  a big favourite too as it’s just about the only place in the country where Thais can experience the chills of really cold weather!

Their website is at https://www.dreamworld.co.th/

Getting there: Dream World is at kilometer 7 on Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road, going from Future Park Rangsit in Thanyaburi district.

Take a Thanyaburi Transport passenger van from the side of Future Park, or better still use a taxi. Be prepared for heavy traffic on the short trip.

Technopolis Complex

This rather fancy title covers three of Thailand’s best science and technology centers, part museum and part educational.

The National Science Museum is the unusual building featured at the start of the video, and has loads of interactive displays to fascinate you.

Fun-filled displays inform and entertain. On the 1st floor there’s an interactive photo gallery, scientific displays, and a huge model of the earth.

On the 2nd floor is a life-like reconstruction of an Australopithecus fossil, as well as displays on space travel.

Other floors hold many more fascinating exhibits.

In the same center, you’ll find more mind boggling displays at the Natural History Museum, and the Information Technology Museum. It’s a great day out for all the family.

No doubt you’ll learn something new and exciting!

Their website is at http://www.nsm.or.th/english/index.php

Getting there: Take a taxi from Future Park Rangsit, or use Google maps (National Science Museum Klong 5).

The complex is at Klong 5 Road, Klong Luang district.

Open Tuesday- Friday 9.30am -4pm
Saturday and Sunday 9.30am – 5pm

Wat Chedi Hoi

Thailand has hundreds of thousands of temples, but a few stand out for being a bit different, like the so-called Bottle Temple and Pathum Thani’s Wat Chedi Hoi.

The temple grounds sit on a huge reserve of fossilised sea shells, many of which are oyster shells, and were used to build a large chedi.

More parts are being added to the temple complex and the buildings’ concrete skeletons are being faced with the ancient shells.

While this unusual spot isn’t worth a trip on it’s own, if you’re in the area then pop along to take a look.

Getting there: Wat Chedi Hoi is in Bo Ngoen subdistrict, Lad Lum Kaeo district in the north of Pathum Thani.

Take Highway 341 (Pathum Thani-Lat Lum Kaeo Road) to the junction at Km 21-22, turn there and follow the road for about 10km.

National Memorial

Now here is a fascinating piece of Thai history standing slap bang on a major highway, yet gets few foreign visitors.

The National Memorial to the Thai military covers nearly 15 acres on a major intersection not far from Don Muang airport.

The memorial celebrates the historical heros of  Thailand and is also a museum of Thai military history, including military missions abroad in the Vietnam War and the Korean War.

You could easily spend several hours wandering through the displays and maybe get surprised at where and what Thailand’s army has been involved in.

Getting there: The National Memorial is where Vibhavadi Rangsit Road and Phahonyothin Road connect, quite close to Don Muang airport.

Air conditioned buses 504, 510, 524, 529 and 555 stop near the Memorial.

Chokchai Museum

Chokchai Museum is the rather eccentric personal collection of a man who started the famous Chokchai Farm company 50 odd years ago.

The museum covers five floors which includes an interesting vintage car collection, a display of some questionable animal parts, and a review of the life of a Thai farmer in the 1950s.

Getting there: The Chokchai Museum is on the side of the very busy Phaholyothin Road in Ku Kot Subdistrict of Lamlukka district, just a short distance from the National Memorial and Don Muang airport. Taxi is your best bet here.

Well that’s our look at some of the out of the ordinary places you can find in Unlikely Pathum Thani.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and why not take a look for yourselves when you’re nearby!

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