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See The Unseen – Ghostssee the unseen ghosts

Thailand is a country obsessed by the supernatural, and ghostly encounters are a part of life here whether real or imagined.

We’ll take you around the country to experience some of the myths and legends about haunted Thailand’s ghostly encounters. See the unseen – ghosts !

Mae Nak

Without doubt, Mae Nak is the country’s most famous ghost, with countless films, books, and TV shows produced about her tragic story.

This English language video gives a good idea of one of the many versions of the Mae Nak story.

It was filmed at the Mae Nak shrine in Phra Khanong district of Bangkok.

A beautiful woman named Nak lived on the banks of the Phra Khanong Canal, with her her husband, Mak who she was deeply in love with.

After Nak becomes pregnant, Mak is sent to fight in a war, where he gets wounded.

While he is being nursed back to health in Bangkok, Nak and their baby both die during childbirth.

When Mak returns home, however, he finds his loving wife and child waiting for him.

One day, as Nak is preparing a meal she drops a lime off the porch. As she stretches her arm to pick it Mak at last realises that his wife is a ghost.

Terrified, he tries to find a way to flee without alarming her.

That night, Mak says he has to go downstairs to urinate. He then runs away into the night.

When Nak sees that her husband has gone, she goes after him. Mak sees her and hides in Wat Mahabut, holy ground which a ghost can’t enter.

An angry Nak then terrorizes the people of Phra Khanong, killing anyone who interferes in her quest.

Nak’s ghost is eventually captured by a powerful exorcist who seals her in a jar which he throws it into the canal.

Later, a couple fishing in the canal find the jar and Nak is released when they open it.

She is then recaptured by a monk who traps her spirit in a piece of her skull and sews it into his belt.

A popular shrine to Mae Nak is beside the Phra Khanong canal at the back of Wat Mahabautr in Sukhumvit Soi 77 in Bangkok.

Phi Ta Khon Festival

(video courtesy Bangkok69)

This unlikely and colourful “ghost” festival takes place every July in the sleepy, remote village of Dan Sai in the mountains of Loei province, in northern Thailand.

The event is properly call ‘Bun Luang’ and is a three day merit making festival.

Traditionally the origins of Bun Luang relate to the Buddhist story of the ‘Vessantara Jataka’.

In one of his past lives as a prince, the Lord Buddha went on a very long journey and was presumed dead by his family and friends.

But when he eventually returned the ensuing celebrations were so rowdy that it was said they could wake the dead.

Not exactly a scary event, but well worth the effort of getting there to see a unique festival.

Loei city is a short flight from Bangkok’s Don Muang airport, and cars can be hired for the scenic drive to Dan Sai.

Bangkok Ghost Tower

The first thing l would say is DO NOT try to get into this place. DO NOT think that this video is ‘cool’ or ‘fun’!

The Ghost Tower is extremely dangerous and, apart from the reported numerous ghosts, several people have been killed and injured here after entering illegally – and there is no legal way to access it.

Construction of the 49 storey Sathorn Unique Tower began in 1990 but quickly fell victim to the Asian economic collapse, and has been abandoned ever since.

It’s called the Ghost Tower for two reasons; one because its just a rotting empty shell, and two because of the reported number of suicides and fatal accidents which have happened, resulting in numerous reports of ghost sightings.

The whole ediface is crumbling, with large random holes, rotting concrete beams, water damage from monsoon rains etc. A number of people have fallen down stairwells or through unseen holes.

For quite a while it was a favourite spot for suicides too. Eventually the lower floors were boarded up and security guards employed to keep adventurers and the desperate out of the building.

People who have managed to get in at night have spoken of strange noises and fleeting glimpses of phantom figures.

This is definitely one scary place to stay well away from!

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok Airport and ghosts? You must be joking! But, no we are not.

Some reports, which l could not verify, claim that Bangkok’s hi-tech airport was built on the site of an ancient cemetery – what we do know for sure is that it was build on the scarily named Cobra Swamp.

In any case there are persistent rumours of sightings of an old man with a blue face, called Poo Ming.

This spirit was alleged to have possessed a baggage handler during religious rites to cleanse the airport of ghosts.

He claimed to be the guardian of the cemetery; monks were said to have dowsed him in holy water and driven the spirit away.

A number of fatal accidents after the airport opened were said to be caused by demons, and unaccounted for noises and movements have only added to the belief that the airport is haunted.

Nine weeks of chanting by 99 Buddhist monks, and the construction of six or more Spirit Houses around the airport has apparently failed to stop the malicious activities of spirits, which are often blamed for mishaps in the airport’s operations.

An unusually high number of suicides have happened in the terminal building, with stories that demons encourage would-be suiciders who then join the them in walking the terminal halls!

Enjoy your flight!

The Woman in White

see the unseen ghosts

This story is like something right out of the movie “Final Destination”, when a similar a fate followed some teenagers in Bangkok in 2015.

Reported to be high on alcohol and drugs, they set off to explore an abandoned house in Thawi Wattana district that was rumoured to be haunted.

When they arrived they went all the way to the end of a narrow road and saw an abandoned house there.

Suddenly, the house lights were turned on and off, and strange noises could be heard. They left in a hurry.

The similarity with “Final Destination” came three months later when two of the youths died in a motorcycle accident, and another boy died in the same way a year later.

The following year, two more of the young men were killed in a mysterious house fire, leaving only 2 of the original 7 still alive.

In each of the three cases witnesses reported seeing a woman in white riding with the boys who died on motorcycles, and was also seen entering the house just before the fatal fire.

Police never found any trace of, or any body, that could have been the ghostly Woman in White.

Koh Hingam

Koh Hingham is a tiny, uninhabited island near the Malaysian border that was supposedly cursed by the God of Tarutao.

The island is covered in peculiar looking black pebbles and the myth goes that if you take one stone from Koh Hingam, you will bear the brunt of the God of Tarutao’s curse.

Why the curse? The story goes that the gods  covered the entire island with these black stones which are in fact precious gems.

The National Park office receives dozens of the stones posted back to them every year from guilt-ridden thieves, many of whom say they’ve been the victims of bad luck, or worse, since they took them.

White Lion House

This abandoned baroque style mansion can be found in the northern city of Chiang Mai, complete with a mini version of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

Nocturnal screams and loud noises supposedly coming from White Lion House have kept locals and potential buyers away from this weird but otherwise desirable property.

Jangmuarinnakorn House, to give it it’s correct name, was built about 25 years ago by a wealthy businessman to house his family and to impress his business associates.

However, he failed to comply with advice about the Feng Sui of the building and it’s contents, and things started to go downhill.

The story says he slowly went insane and eventually slaughtered his wife and children with a machete.

The unfortunate family are still in residence bewailing their fate.

They’re still looking for a buyer if you’re interested…..

Khao Lak

see the unseen ghosts

One of the prettiest spots on the coast of Phangnga province has a dark recent history when thousands of people died there in the 2004 Asian Tsunami.

Largely rebuilt since, the area has recovered as a quiet but popular beach resort once again, with only the tsunami memorials and a few abandoned buildings serving to remind travellers of the tragedy.

Official figures say 4,000 died that day, but undocumented migrants working on the area mean that number is more likely to be over 10,000.

It’s also acknowledged that thousands of bodies were never recovered.

Locals and visitors have reported some strange events since; taxi drivers who pick up tourists find their passengers have disappeared, there have been reports of hotel guests finding soaked strangers wandering around, children heard crying for their mothers, etc.

Could these lost souls be those whose bodies were never found?

Santika Night Club

A few minutes into the new year on 1st January 2009, on the Bangkok club’s last night, a true horror befell those packed inside.

As a band called “Burn” played on stage a huge and sudden fire swept through the building, killing 66 revellers and injuring another 222.

The building was licensed as a private home and had no other licenses, safety equipment or fire exits.

After the fire strange noises were heard coming from the burned ruins. Local authorities condemned the remains and not long after it was razed to the ground and the location fenced off.

It maintains a reputation as a haunted place.
Watch this scary video and see what you think!

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