Memory Gallery

Memory Gallery

Memory Gallery

Here’s something different ideal for a fun day just outside Bangkok.

The Memory Gallery is a fascinating re-creation of a Thai town in the early 20th Century, originally built as a movie set.

The Memory Gallery


Officially named “Chomchei The House of Memories” it’s now open to the public to check out this amazing period-piece.

 A rather unusual fun tourist destination gets a regular flow of visitor, the vast majority being locals.

Very few foreigners seem aware of it, which is a pity as it’s a really interesting spot with loads of Instagram potential!



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Strolling Around

There’s a rather chic coffee shop to relax in during your walk around this retro village, plus a couple of stores selling period pieces as souvenirs.

Other exhibits include old time grocery store, hair salon, tailor shop, photography shop, petrol (gas) station, train station, plus a small floating market.

Strolling around the Memory Gallery and looking at each store makes you feel as if it were actually back in that time.

While there are endless fun photo ops to fill your instagram, we’re told that, for some unknown reason, snapping pictures of the interiors of some of the buildings is off limits.

Set on more than 6 rai (@2.5 acres or 1 hectare) it’s about an hours drive from central Bangkok, and is perfect for an easy fun day out.

Memory Gallery is open 10am-6pm daily except Mondays. They may close on other days occasionally if filming is going on.

Their Facebook page is only in Thai.

Getting There

The address is 68 Moo 4, Soi Kamnan Tin, Sala Klang Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province. The new Purple Line MRT has a station at Nakhon In. From there take a taxi -- ชมเฌย, 68 หมู่ 4, ซอยกำนันทินกร, ตำบลศาลากลาง, อำเภอบางกรวย, จังหวัดนนทบุรี.

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