12 Amazing Facts About Thailand

12 Amazing Facts About Thailand

1. Aircraft Carrier

Air craft carrier of royal thai navy

Thailand has the same number of aircraft carriers as Russia.

How many is that? One!

The ship, HTMS Chakri Naruebet, was built in Spain and entered service in 1997. It was designed as an aircraft carrier but is used mostly as an offshore helicopter patrol carrier.

2. Most Species

Whale Sharks In Pattaya Thailand

Thailand is home to one tenth of all animal species in the world, and the same for bird species.

It is also home to both the smallest mammal (a type of bat) and the largest, the whale shark.

3. Most Visited

Travel Bangkok in a Minute - Aerial Drone Video | Expedia

Bangkok is the world’s most visited city and has been for 4 years.

In 2019, 22.7 million tourists hit the city; more visited the whole country of course, in excess of 39 million in the same year.

4. Orchids

Bangkok Flower Market Exotic Orchids

More than 1,500 types of orchid grow in the wild in Thailand. Many of them are also cultivated commercially in large gardens.

5. Military Might

Royal Thai Air Force’s Saab JAS-39 Gripen C Rips Through the Skies Over Singapore – AINtv

The Thai military have bought fighter planes from Sweden, tanks from China, and armoured cars from Ukraine.

6. Monitor Lizards

Monitor Lizards Attract Tourists To Bangkok Park

Monitor lizards are common across Thailand and are the largest species of lizard.

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll meet the big ones very often, there are plenty of mid-sized monitors to be found in Bangkok’s Lumpini Park.

Be careful as these beasts have a nasty bite, which would need immediate medical attention.

7. Death Penalty

เพชฌฆาต teaser (THE LAST EXECUTIONER)

Thailand still retains the death penalty of serious crimes, including drug trafficking.

Executions used to be carried out by shooting -- by one executioner shooting at the back of the condemned prisoner who was tied to a wooden stake.

These days its carried out by lethal injection.

There’s both a book and a movie called “The Last Executioner” about Chavoret Jaruboon, Thailand’s longest serving executioner.

8. Unusual Laws

Naked tourist in Phuket Thailand tries his first ride on th

It’s illegal to drive a vehicle without shoes or with a bare chest. It’s also illegal to leave your home without your underwear.

So make sure you’re nicely dressed when you hire that bike or car!

9. Public Nudity

Naked tourist in Thailand 2019

Public nudity is illegal, and ladies should note that it’s also illegal for you to be topless in public places, which includes beaches and hotels.

10. Chinese Tourists

Coronavirus hits Thai tourist industry as Chinese stay away

Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Chinese accounted for close to 50% of all tourist arrivals in Thailand.

11. Wet and Wet

Strong storm hit suddenly in phu khieo thailand!

Thailand’s wettest month on average is September.

The hottest month is April, which is also when the Thai New Year (Songkran) festival takes place and an almost equal amount of water is thrown around for three days.

12. Lost Lands

12 amazing facts about thailand

Thailand used to be bigger but lost some territories to the colonial nations of Britain and France to be able retain it’s independence.

Britain seized the Shan state and parts of the Malay peninsula, while France grabbed what is now the northern most provinces of Cambodia, and land west of the Khong River which is now part of Laos.

You’ll probably like this too.

Make sure you have travel insurance while visiting Thailand’s wonders. Medical care is world class but worldly expensive!

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