Fearless Snake Catchers

Fearless Snake Catchers

Fearless Snake Catchers

Snakes of all shapes and sizes are a fact of life in Thailand, and can be found almost everywhere -- even in some urban areas.

In Bangkok, the city’s Police Fire Brigade have units trained to catch snakes which have wriggled their way into homes and other awkward places.

The Snake Catchers of Bangkok

In fact, they get more calls about snakes than they do about fires, and are pretty adept at dealing with some potentially deadly foes.

Fearless Snake Catcher Grabs Deadly King Cobra with Bare Hands

Outside Bangkok, fearless snake catchers are often, but not always, attached to the ubiquitous 1669 volunteer EMS and rescue crews who do such a great job around the country.

Biggest snake king cobra in Thailand

Rural communities can also call on local experts to help dislodge and catch these scary creatures.

Two Snakes Caught In Mansion In Thailand

Another facet of snake catchers’ work that gets publicity is removing the wrigglers from toilets in citizen’s homes.

These wily creatures enter pipes looking for a dark places to nap safely and end up popping up in the toilet bowl, much to the horror of someone doing their business!

This Snake in a Toilet is a Bathroom Nightmare Come True | National Geographic

The most deadly snake found in Thailand is not the much dreaded King Cobra, but the Krait which comes in several subspecies and is highly venomous. A bite could quickly turn fatal if not treated quickly.

However, the Krait tends to be much less aggressive than King Cobras, and will try to move away unless cornered.

King Cobras on the other hand have been known to stand their ground. The scary aspect of this snake is its huge size, and the ability of the largest ones to ‘stand up’ as its hood adds to the intimidation.

Of course they are very dangerous creatures, as are the various other venomous snakes such as the Cobra and Pit Viper -- which is lightning fast whrn it strikes.

Deadliest Snake in Thailand! 🇹🇭Thailand Living

Snake catchers get most publicity when they are tackling Cobras, or the non venomous but still dangerous Pythons. You wouldn’t want a hug from one of these guys!

Snake Catcher Gets Python Wrapped Round Body

But they deal with all types of snakes including the numerous non venomous varieties. All the snakes they catch are released back into the wild away from populated areas.

Most visitors rarely encounter snakes, but if you do back slowly away. The chances are your opposite number will do the same.

If you want to know more about snakes, visit this website.

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