Samutprakarn is just south of Bangkok with several fascinating sights well worth the (small) effort.

Bang Krachao 2

Erawan Museum

Erawan Museum Unlike Any Museum You’ve Ever SeenIn Samut Prakarn just south of Bangkok is the utterly amazing Erawan Museum, and it’s unlike any museum you’ve ever seen. Even if you’re not into museums this place is a must see for its stunning interiors which are inside the gigantic Erawan (three headed elephant) standing on …

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Ancient Siam

Ancient Siam (Muang Boran) Also known as Ancient City or Muang Boran, Ancient Siam is a unique historical park and a must see Thailand destination, in Samut Prakarn province just south of Bangkok. This huge open air museum is breathtaking and features hundreds of traditional ancient buildings of every type imaginable, which are either elegant …

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