Hidden Delights of Chiangmai

Hidden Delights of ChiangmaiWe are going to surprise you by saying that most of Chiangmai goes largely unexplored by foreign visitors.But we're talking about the huge area covered by the…

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10 Unknown Thai Islands

10 Unknown Thai Islands As we mentioned in a previous story, there are more than 1430 islands in the country, most of which remain almost unknown.Here are 10 almost unknown…

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Heavenly Nakhon Sawan

Heavenly Nakhon Sawan Heavenly Nakhon Sawan is a city and province roughly half way between Bangkok and Chiangmai.It's not visited very much by non-Thais although it makes a great stopover…

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Learn to

Learn To Now you're going to ask 'Learn to What'? Well, Thailand is a great place to learn lots of interesting stuff, so lets have a look at some things…

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Memory Gallery

Memory Gallery Here's something different ideal for a fun day just outside Bangkok. The Memory Gallery is a fascinating re-creation of a Thai town in the early 20th Century, originally…

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6 Terrific Things In Tak
Thi Lo Su Waterfall Tak Province

6 Terrific Things In Tak

6 Terrific Things In Tak Tak is a picturesque mountainous province in the north west of Thailand, bordering Myanmar. Most visitors either head for the border town of Mae Sot,…

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Let’s Have Fun

Let’s Have Fun

Let's Have Fun Well isn't that what a visit to Thailand is all about? Let's Have Fun things you can do around the country. 1. Ride the River of Kings…

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Wonderful Nakhon Phanom

Wonderful Nakhon Phanom This fascinating, pretty province lies alongside the mighty Khong River facing across to the mountains of Laos opposite. Once part of the ancient Sri Kotrabun kingdom, it…

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