We use a few Thai expressions and words in our stories, and you might have seen some other words you’re not sure about. Have a look here to see what they mean. (We will update this page regularly)

What That Word Means

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Ao simply means 'Bay'


The BTS is one of Bangkok's metro systems

What That Word Means 1Doi is a northern word for hill or mountain
Hat / Haad
royal coast

A beach

What That Word Means 2

This word is the common name for the Northeastern region of Thailand


What That Word Means 3

1. Mountain or hill

2. Rice

3. News

The correct tone gives the correct meaning!

Klong / Khlong

What That Word Means 4

Klong (or khlong) means a canal. Some place names include the word Khlong such as Khlong Luang (Royal Canal).

Koh / Ko
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Koh (or Ko) means 'island'

What That Word Means 5

Another large city Metro system, partly underground and partly overground.

myths and legends

A Naga is a mythical semi deity giant creature with a snake like body. It can have one or multiple heads.

What That Word Means 3Phu is a northeastern word for hill or mountain
What That Word Means 7

Any three wheeled vehicle. It literally means "three wheels".


What That Word Means 8

A Soi is a side road or alley off a main road. So, a side road off Silom Road might be Silom Soi 6, or Silom Soi 15, etc.


What That Word Means 9

A songtaew is a passenger vehicle like a bus. It's usually a pickup truck or larger truck with two rows of seats at the back. They ply a fixed route, but many of them can be hired like a taxi. Agree a fare before setting off.


What does that word mean

A Tham in English is a cave.


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A Wat is a temple complex. Each building in the complex has it's own name.